About Us 

A New Frontier


Top Note Performing Arts Academy started out as a summer program with our sister school, Top Note Music Academy, and expanded into a full curriculum of inspiring classes and workshops for your child to explore. Armed with enthusiasm and glee, we are so excited to bring the gift of the fine arts to our new location in the Lincolnwood Town Center.

Our Mission

We believe that the performing arts are so much more than performances (though of course that part is certainly fun)!


- Communication skills

- Empathy

- Teamwork

- Patience

- Trusting instincts

- Being okay with being afraid

- Letting go of your "cool card"


Top Note Performing Arts Academy strives to provide true educational structure in order to give our students skills not only in theatre, but in life. 


Our mission is to provide affordable, unintimidating, accessible creative outlets for your child's imagination and expression.

Our Sister School


Located in Westfield Old Orchard, Top Note Music Academy is a collection of teachers and musicians with one mission: To bring the gift of music to children of all ages. Click here to visit their website and see all the amazing programs they have to offer.

Other Affiliates: