Spring Classes

Below are the classes for our Spring 2020 Semester.
We are planning to start our semester with all our classes online, but we hope to switch to introduce an in-person option (with appropriate precautions) for our Friday and Saturday classes if the situation continues to improve.
NOT SURE? We offer free trial classes at any time. Drop in and see if the class is right for you! However, you may miss out on our early bird discount!
Financial aide is available upon request. Discounts are also available for siblings, commuters, and multi-class sign up. Click below to learn about our package deals!
Grade: 5-12
Dungeons & Dragons II: Torchlight Boogaloo! 

Tuesdays 5:00-6:30



Whether you are an experienced adventurer, or new to the experience--join us for our dive into character, creativity, and collaboration! This class will be an all-new, homespun DnD Adventure--students will create unique characters, role-play through fascinating mysteries, captivating puzzles and fearsome challenges--all while building storytelling skills and working together as a team!

Spring Session: 2/16-5/18

12 Weeks – $300

VERY LIMITED ENROLLMENT. 6 Students maximum. Must be 11 years or older to enroll (though we may make exceptions pending a discussion with parent's about their students ability to understand the technology we will be utilizing).

Kitchen Sink Cosplay: Armor and Weapon Building 
Grade: 5-12

Thursdays 5:00-6:30

ONLINE (possibly in-studio option if stats improve)


Every good adventurer needs the right costume! Put your design and engineering skills to work in this unique introduction to the world of Costume and Cosplay Creation! Students will design and build their own costume armor and weapons from scratch--learning about materials and construction techniques along the way! This class will culminate in an incredible outdoor photoshoot to show off student’s designs! ​


Spring Session: 2/18-5/20

12 Weeks – $350

Staging Stories: Into the Unknown 
Grade: 2-8

Saturdays 2:00-5:00

ONLINE (possibly in-studio option if stats improve)

Journey with us into the unknown as we read, adapt, and stage fairy tales and folklore for a one-of-a-kind multimedia performance! Students will use filming techniques, basic animation, voice acting, puppetry, and more to bring their favorite stories of Heroes and Adventure from Page to (virtual!) Stage! This class will culminate in a viewing party--including a behind-the-scenes look at the creative work of our amazing students! 

Spring Session: 2/20-5/15


12 Weeks – $550