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Hello Top Note Family!!

I apologize that I have been a bit MIA lately.

Many of you already know, but Top Note Performing Arts has recently had to restructure and reevaluate its expenses and we’ve come to realize that the current lease for our studio space is no longer sustainable.

After much deliberation, it seemed like the best option for us would be to move our operations to our sister school, Top Note Music House, in Northbrook Court. We were under a VERY strong impression from the mall management that our needs would be met there and that it was a done deal. However, since the lease still needed to be formalized and signed, and since the geographical change may be a noticeable change for some families, I was hesitant to announce our move (or upcoming Spring classes) in any official capacity.

Unfortunately, these anxieties proved to hold water. There has been a hitch in the lease negotiations, and our future at Northbrook Court is back to being up in the air.

And now Lincolnwood has come to us with a new offer that seems really promising.

I have several backup plans in place, Top Note PA WILL continue, but until the powers that be get back to me with more information, we remain in limbo.

It has been a very frustrating month.


Let’s start with the one thing I know: SUMMER IS HAPPENING. PLEASE DO SIGN UP ASAP.

Although the specific locations are awaiting confirmation, expect them to be as close as possible to the general locations you are all currently used to.

Here are the dates:

All camps are M-F

June Camp: June 20- July 1 | 9:30-3:30

July Camp: July 11-August 5 |9:00-5:00

August Camp: August 8- August 12 | 9:30-3:30

Thank you so much to parents who have already reached out about our summer plans. It means the world that you prioritize making time for us.


Yes. I still hope to run spring classes this semester.

Normally we would start the week after Valentines Day (TNPA’s birthday), but due to how crazy things have been, I am now shooting for the first week of March.

For this reason, we will be suspending Staging Stories this semester. As much as I love that class, it needs rehearsal time we will not have. I may also be taking on a new challenge this semester that will require extra attention (at least for the first go around).

Show Choir will be at its normal time -Thursdays 6-7:30, and will definitely be in the Lincolnwood area.

The other class I really want to run is Star Power 101 - this class is extremely unique and very helpful to any students who have their eyes set on bigger roles in upcoming performances.

This class may run in the Northbrook location, if that’s where we end up. Please complete this survey and let me know what day of the week would be best.

Thank you so much for everyone’s patience, feedback, and encouragement.

I will keep you posted as soon as I have more information.

Hope to see you in the spring! Get your summer deposits in now!


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